My journey to financial freedom

2 de maio de 2024

Growing up, getting married, and living happily ever after – this may be the life plan many of us have. However, we know things sometimes can go differently than expected, and preparing for them is essential.

Like many women, Leticia dreamed of building a future with her husband. However, as their relationship took a different turn, they had to grow apart and follow other paths. Leticia then realised she had to start over from scratch, but this time all by herself.

“I always thought that achieving financial independence by myself was impossible. I grew up believing I needed a partner to grow financially together. Now I realise it’s possible to do it on my own,” says Leticia Fonseca, personal finances mentor.

It was only after an extensive and complicated divorce that Letícia decided to dive deep into self-knowledge and personal development. She knew she was good with money but hadn’t realised yet that she could make a living out of her skills. But one thing she knew for sure: she had to be her own “wealthy husband.”

“Since I was a child, I’ve always had emergency funds, even before I knew what emergency funds were,” says Leticia.


So, Leticia signed up for a Personal Finances Coaching Course in February 2019. She fell in love with it immediately, initially started helping people for free, and never looked back after that. She realised that she could achieve financial independence while assisting other people to reach theirs.

Today, Leticia is a financial adviser. She delivers financial courses and mentoring programs to women and helps them create a better relationship with their money. She teaches them how to invest wisely to reach their goals in the long run.

“Over a few years, I used my financial skills to avoid debt and invest in my future. I went from a waitress to a senior marketing manager in ten years. From virtually nothing in 2005, I managed to establish savings and build assets. I bought a flat in London, learned about investment, and set myself on the path to becoming financially free.

It’s not magic, a scheme, a cult, or a con. It’s about taking control and getting organised. Setting your intentions and developing positive habits make a big difference in the long run.”

Leticia aims to achieve total financial freedom in the next five years when she intends to live off  from her earnings. Today, Leticia invests 50% of her earnings in the stock market.

TOP TIPS: Self Awareness & Budgeting

money and savings

Among the tips Ms Fonseca provides in her courses, she explains that the starting point towards financial independence is to be aware of your income versus your outgoings.

Our relationship with money is directly connected to our emotions. If we learn to control our emotions like anger, fear, shame, and greed, we are halfway through achieving financial success. We must be aware of our money habits because they greatly influence whether we will be poor or rich.

To achieve financial independence is essential to understand that personal finance is 20% technical knowledge and 80% behaviour. 

Therefore, the first step towards financial independence is having a SMART goal. It’s not an easy task, but it’s rewarding. “Forget about the noise outside. Don’t worry about the trendiest investment at the moment. Spend less than you earn and start saving. Only then choose the investments that best match your profile,” Leticia explains.