About Me.

I’m an award-winning journalist, copywriter, editor, translator and content marketing specialist with international experience working in São Paulo, Brazil, and London, UK. I’m passionate about turning ideas and visions into successful projects involving optimised and engaging content to achieve the desired results.

How it started …

in Brazil

Born and bred in São Paulo, Brazil, my passion for writing started early. At the age of nine, I created “O Jornalzinho” (“The Little Newspaper”). A handwritten magazine that brought together various children’s articles. To my surprise, “O Jornalzinho” was a success, and I even got an old fashioned mimeograph as a gift from my dad, so I could make more copies for my friends and relatives.

Little did I know that innocent passion, child’s play, would be the beginning of a great adventure that I have been exploring up to now.

After my BA Degree in Journalism and working as a reporter, editor, and PR for international brands in Brazil, I’ve decided to move to London to pursue my MA in Communications and broaden my horizons.

Moving to London

In London, I’ve been a clumsy waitress, a lovely nanny and a fashion blogger. I could have given up Journalism & Marketing, but the passion for Communications has always spoken louder.

Journalist & Content Marketing Specialist

Since my MA in Communications in London, I have been working not only as a journalist and a copywriter but also as a content marketing specialist. I have been developing successful digital marketing strategies for companies of different sizes and industries, involving the strategic creation of content for: – social media – online articles – link building – blogs – newsletters – online & print magazines – websites – online shops – books/ ebooks – copywriting – translation & localisation

Plus +

Having international work experience in editorial and digital marketing has contributed to my ability to quickly identify relevant information for the target audience, developing high-quality and strategic content, following SEO guidelines.


TOP OF Mind UK Awards – 2019

Outstanding Journalist: Fabiana Pio
Organizer: FAME & Business Magazine

Focus Brasil UK Awards – 2019

Samanta Bullock SHOP, Inclusive Fashion – London
PR & Journalist: Fabiana Pio
Organizer: Focus Brasil

QS Innovation UK Awards – 2020

QS Quacquarelli Symonds is the world’s largest
international higher education network, based in the UK.
Zoomtopia Winner
Marketing team: Fabiana Pio

TOP 50 Digital Agencies UK Awards – 2020

ICS – Digital www.ics-digital.com is a global digital marketing agency.
Finance Writer: Fabiana Pio

The Best Independent Magazine in Europe – 2020

Adriana Chiari Magazine
Editor: Fabiana Pio